Actor 1-8: Therese


queenofthenight  Archeia Notes:

Therese is one of the few characters that mildly got my attention. I honestly wish she was Actor 1-1 instead of Harold. I wasn’t sure how to draw her armor at first so I went with whatever my hand wants. I think she turned out OK. The reason I made her is that we have this inside joke that she’s Harold’s Babysitter.

pencil Changelog // Issues
  • September 11, 2017 – Uploaded Asset!

bookpreview  Gallery Preview

cont 15 Expressions.
cont Includes Bust Version, VXA and MV Facesets.
cont Bonus waist up drawing.

pencil Download Links

cont Main Download
cont Mirror Download

One thought on “Actor 1-8: Therese


    I’ve been looking around for busts and facesets of the MV cast ever since I purchased it.
    Thanks a lot! Will definetely use!

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