Actor 1-1: Harold


queenofthenight  Archeia Notes:

The main character of RPG Maker MV. By default, his character looks around 12∼17 years old. But when I got the request to draw Harold, my friend Ethron, wanted him to be around 19∼20 years old. And so I ran with it. I might make a new version that is close to the original, but I’m not a huge fan of this character.

pencil Changelog // Issues
  • September 11, 2017 – Uploaded Asset!

bookpreview  Gallery Preview

cont 14 Expressions based on 4 Base Eyes and 5 Base Mouths.
cont Includes Bust Version, VXA and MV Facesets.
cont Bonus waist up drawing.

pencil Download Links

cont Main Download
cont Mirror Download

4 thoughts on “Actor 1-1: Harold

  1. Your Harold is so gorgest….. Thank you for my eyes…

    Is it alright if I use your Harold for the Harold’s Last Stand gamejam? With proper credits, of course! He would look so good with your style in an otome-type game haha.

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