RMVX/Ace Character List

queenofthenight Archeia Notes:

Arguably the most popular default characters in the RPG Maker series aside from RM2k3’s Alex.


These are characters based on the RPG Maker VXA heroes. Since the designs are from KADOKAWA, they can only be used for RPG Maker Engines with attribution to KADOKAWA. Read Terms of Use if you want to use these materials.

The Magic Circles found in the Battle Cut-ins are from Obsidian-Dawn. You need to buy a commercial license in order to use images that uses a ‘magic circle’ for commercial works.

pencil Changelog // Issues
  • December 17, 2018 – Updated Site Links and added Actor 1-2: Trefle.
  • September 11, 2017 – Actor 1-1: Ralph’s page has been updated.
  • September 10, 2017 – Links are broken because of Dropbox’s Public folder being removed. I’m currently restoring all the links.
pencil Legend

 = Brand New
 = Updated
UnderConstruction = Under Construction / Download Links are broken
“Name” = means that it’s not the official name.


  • Actor 2 -1 – “Lark”
  • Actor 2 -2 – “Margaret”
  • Actor 2 -3 – Bennett  UnderConstruction
  • Actor 2 -4 – “Mira”
  • Actor 2 -5 – “Satiel”
  • Actor 2 -6  – Ylva UnderConstruction
  • Actor 2 -7 – “William”
  • Actor 2 -8 – “Caroline”
  • Actor 3 -1 – “Halbard”
  • Actor 3 -2 – Vera
  • Actor 3 -3 – Elmer  UnderConstruction
  • Actor 3 -4 – “Noira”
  • Actor 3 -5 – “Jed”
  • Actor 3 -6 – “Micha”
  • Actor 3 -7 – “Galahad”
  • Actor 3 -8  – “Mirin”

  • People 4 -1 – King
  • People 4 -2 – Noble
  • People 4 -3 – Prince
  • People 4 -4 – Princess
  • People 4 -5 – Advisor
  • People 4 -6 – Butler
  • People 4 -7 – Captain
  • People 4 -8 – Soldier  UnderConstruction

  • Evil 1 -1 – Bandit Leader
  • Evil 1 -2 – Bandit
  • Evil 1 -3 – Assassin
  • Evil 1 -4  – Evil Mage
  • Evil 1 -5 – Oscar  UnderConstruction
  • Evil 1 -6 – High Mage
  • Evil 1 -7 – Crusader
  • Evil 1 -8 – Dark Knight

93 thoughts on “RMVX/Ace Character List

      1. Wellllll the character itself is from RPG Maker! Its the dude on the cover of VX!

    1. Some Japanese sites just don’t work in some corners of the world, no need to throw a fit about it in Archeia.

      Maybe you should respect the artist for helping you out finding alternative and stop for a moment to say thank you. Archeia is not obliged to fetch it for you or give out her version, if she prefers to keep it personal. Asking is okay, but at least be respectful and say PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

      Ryo Mizuki has done bust set of the VX cover characters too… They are linked from English communities as well, so just search for Ryo Mizuki resources and RPG Maker, should get you to thread with a link.

      1. Alright

        and I didnt throw a fit actually but lets not argue on Archeia’s site.

        Archeia, your an amazing artist :3

  1. Can you please post the normal graphics for Farthis, Brenda, Rita and Noah? I have the Normal busts for all the others…

      1. I just double checked again. Fartha and Noah were there but I’m positive that Brenda and Rita’s default busts are not there… Unless I’m going blind >_>

      2. I remember now. If you own the legal version of VXAce those bust shots should’ve been sent to your email. So I omitted them on some sections since I figured it’s not needed any longer.

      3. Actually, you had to have pre-ordered it… and it is no longer possible to get them in any way. That’s why I’ve been searching for them. Those are the last two I need and I would greatly appreciate it if you would post them. I don’t think it’s fair at all that Enterbrain hasn’t given us ANY way to purchase them if we didn’t pre-order.

      4. Um no, you don’t have to pre-order it. It WAS preorder exclusive but after a few months it was made available to those who purchased VXAce in general. If you can’t find your copy then you should contact Lunarea in the official RMW forums and show her your receipt. She’d give you a download link.

  2. I tried that but I just got the response that it was pre-order exclusive and no longer available. If I could have gotten it that way, I would have. It would have been much simpler than scouring the internet for these busts. Even mods posted in the thread where I asked and said that no, they were not available whatsoever.

    Could you please just post those last 2 that I need? :(

      1. Oh. I see.
        Well that still doesn’t fix my problem because I have the Japanese version of the program. I don’t think they’ll be helping me with that.

      2. If you bought the Japanese version that’s AUTOMATICALLY in it since the JP is only distributed as Hard Copies. (I have the JP version)

  3. Well… then why don’t I have it? Cause I don’t. I’ve checked all the folders a zillion times over… which is why I went looking for it in the first place =/

      1. You do realize that only JP people can buy the EB JP copy and you need to a 3rd party/Japanese name to buy it right? How could you have lost it? That’s crazy.

        I won’t distribute those resources because my Terms of Use require you to have the legal copy. And most people who pirated use the JP copy. Unless you can prove to me that you bought it legally I’m not uploading anything for you.

  4. What? But that’s not true… I ordered mine off a website and just checked out normally. I didn’t have to give an ID or anything…

      1. I got it off eBay. I found it real cheap, though at the time I didn’t realize it was the Japanese version until I got it…

    1. IF you got it in ebay then you should have a receipt in your ebay account. A screenshot of the auction item that you bought it with your account will suffice.

  5. http://i.imgur.com/zZu9CqM.png

    Not bad. You actually managed to get me into a corner. And I was doing so good too. Oh well, it’s not like I need them anyway – my project doesn’t use those characters after all. I was just hoping to make these busts available to people who aren’t pathetic corporate apologists.

    Oh well, 94/96 ain’t bad.

    1. I’m now a corporate apologist for providing free resources, for helping beta test RMVXAce for free, translate the JP DB to English together with Yanfly, provide script support, write tutorials AND not distributing stuff illegally? That’s some messed up world you have there.

      1. Oh, you did all that? Awfully nice of you, really. You did a good job, for the most part.

        But I’m not exactly one to care about legality because I don’t particularly like the way most companies do their business. It’s things like this exclusive content thing that tick me off. FYI, I probably would have paid for it if I weren’t poor… and it weren’t outrageously expensive, but if I knew there was content locked away, like these busts, I would have done what I ended up doing anyway, and kept my money to myself. I do that with anything. Games too. I don’t pirate everything, you know. I buy things from companies that I feel truly deserve my money, and stuff like exclusive content… instantly makes them lose my purchase.

        And I do not have any respect or sympathy for anyone who supports such business practices. That is all.

      2. I actually worked my ass off to get VXAce so please that excuse ‘I probably would have paid for it if I weren’t poor” is so not going to work here.

        Of course exclusive content is given for those people who did buy the legal copy, it’s a reward.

        We’ll also have to agree to disagree because I think VXAce was worth my money. Unfortunately for you I guess, I’m about supporting the developer and wanting RM to grow. Just because you don’t like their business practice doesn’t mean you’re 100% right. Everything that goes to RM also supports the community and providing support as much as they can.

        But hey, what does an outsider know?

    2. You know what, five fucking years later: you sir are the biggest fucking asshole on Earth barring maybe Donald Trump. Entitled, arrogant, spoiled, and rude, you’re demanding free resources, FREE STUFF, instructions, and explanations from a person who owes you NONE of those fucking things. You are rudely demanding free stuff from someone who has already given you enormous amounts of free stuff with an incredible amount of grace. She is bending over backwards to help you, and all you have to do is prove that you did not commit this theft, (and don’t get me wrong, if you pirated whatever, I don’t give a FUCK. I steal EVERYTHING. My FAVORITE band has a song that is LITERALLY called “Let’s Steal Everything” about EXACTLY THAT, so my issue is not your being a thief, it’s with your being a thief with absolutely no competence, likability or decorum) and because YOU are too spectacularly incompetent not to have backed YOURSELF into a corner where the fact of your theft is SPECTACULARLY OBVIOUSLY BLATANT, and embarrassed by this, you fucking DARE to call her a fucking sellout? You’re going to continue to troll and abuse someone who has made tons of beautiful, free stuff for you, me, and everyone, to use?

      I’m on 1mg of Klonopin, 20 mg of medical grade cannabis, and lithium, and the cumulative tranquilizing effect of this is so great that it would be almost impossible for me to even muster the anger to defend myself if I were physically attacked right now. Yet you managed to be such a dick on the internet that FIVE YEARS after it happened, WHILE I HAD OTHER SHIT TO DO, that I HAD to call you out on it.

      BRA FUCKING VO!!!!

    3. You are the most disgusting person on earth you know that? I’ve personally pirated RPG Maker, but because of your filth and LYING, it’s made me so sick to my stomach that I’m going to freaking buy TWO damn copies of the program. You are messed up in the head you know a complete and utter psychopath. Pathetic corporate apologists? Really? I hope someone comes to your house and robs you blind, then you’ll know what it’s like to put time, effort and money into something only for someone like yourself who thinks everything should be given to THEM for free, to come and take it all from you. At least I pirated originally because I couldn’t afford it, I didn’t have some stick up my ass thinking my shit don’t stink like yourself.

  6. Did you really draw all these? I’ve been searching for the artist who distributed such awesome works. Wow. That’s some amazing talents you have here. Props to you.

    1. basically, you don’t need to draw anything from scratch to have those faces. just replace a face part you want to change with an edited one, do some color stamps, and change the hue if needed. but still, it needs a little talent to do that.

      PS: I ain’t muttering about busts, just the faces.
      and If my post is against any rules, please delete it.

      1. You actually have to draw from scratch to do parts of those faces. Although for these ones I just edited them. All of my custom ones here on the site are actually hand drawn from scratch. I don’t sit well with frankenportraits.

  7. You’re an amazing artist, Archeia, and your work for RM and the RM community has enriched us all. I don’t think it’s possible for people to tell you that even close to enough, but I will anyways; thank you!

  8. Thank you Archeia for bringin’ me back to RM. Because of your awesome work i got a idea for a project. Hope soon share with you. (Im give a recollor to some of your portraits, hope its okay for you). Cya bud.

  9. Does People-4 Advisor have a page? If it does could someone send me or reply a link? The name doesn’t have a link attached and nothing comes up when I search it. Thank yoouu!

  10. Archeia, your work is absolutely beautiful – I’ve been using a few of these busts for a just-for-fun game I work on in my free time, and everytime I test it and these busts show up in my game, I’m like “Wow, this artwork is amazing!”

    I don’t suppose you would know if I could find emo-busts of actor 2-2 anywhere, by any chance? I notice they’re not available here, and I would love to have the character in my game. Googling is not giving me any answers, haha!

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

  11. I really love the work you’re doing, you’re an amazing artist! :) I hope you’re still working on this, because I’d love to see some busts/facesets for trefle! ^^

    Happy new year!

  12. These look amazing! You are very talented. Are we allowed to use the bust shots to make normal facesets??

  13. I can’t get over how awesome these look.
    Say, do you take requests? I am a pretty big noob in this, especially when it comes to arts, so I used Celianna’s photoshop presets to create a face I liked and some alternations to it (emotions and such). However, his eye color changes and I can’t seem to get it right :/
    If it’s at all possible, could we come to some kind of agreement over that? Like, say I sent you the picture and you’d give me tips on how to do it myself? Or, if that is more convenient for you, you just do them for me and I’d pay you for it?

    I don’t think your talent gets appreciated enough, it’s freaking amazing, really.

  14. I was wondering if you could make some emotions for Mrrn, I’d gladly give you a copy of gmae game when it’s finished, and the community can have/use the emotions as well, I just can’t find them.

  15. These are pretty good. I was wondering if you could make a battle cut in and a faceset for Mira. she’s one of my 4 protagonists in my current game in progress (the others being Eric, Elicia and Terrence). Thanks

  16. I like this but could you make a face set and battle cut in for Mira? she’s one of my protagonists (the others being Eric, Elicia and Terrence) thanks.

  17. Hi, Archeia! We could still use these actor emo sets, right? I tried to use Elmer’s and Oscar’s but they were too large when I used their faces in inputting their dialogues…might I ask, does it need to be resize and cropped when it’s used like that?

      1. Oh really? Thank you very much! :D

        Oh, well, even if I use it…do I need to resize it? I apologize for repeating and also for very this late reply…

  18. Hello! I have just begun designing a game using VX Ace. Would I have permission to use your artwork for the game? It is nonprofit and just for fun :) (this is where I leave this right)

  19. Hmmm…

    Spiritual? Not shown here. Looking for (well, all of them honestly), for full sized battlers. Actually, I probably could use the entire RTP cast for full sized battlers…

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