Actor 1-1: Ralph


queenofthenight Archeia Notes:

The main character of RPG Maker VX and boy, he has quite a history. He’s one of the few characters that can pass as a very angry teenager or 18∼20 years old. He’s also quite good looking to boot. Because of those and his position as Actor 1-1, every single sample script and most games featured him. This has caused so many people hating and getting sick of him to the point that he gets killed in other games! He was quickly forgotten after a while in favor of all the Kaduki resources.

…And because of that I absolutely loved him. I started using him and created the game, Princess Princess. This is how my resource making hobby began and the rest is history.

 To find the old assets with the cut-ins, etc. Please go to VXA RTP Redesigned.

pencil Changelog

cont December 19, 2018

bookpreview  Gallery Preview

cont 136 Expressions.
cont MV and VXAce Facesets.

pencil Download Links

cont Main Download

pencil Supplementary Materials

This section is for other creators who also created assets for this character.

cont Vibrato’s Old Materials contains multiple poses and battle stances.
cont Telles commissioned and/or created animations for him as well.
cont Momope has more expressions for Ralph. They also made an FSM version of him! Slimmmeiske also translated their terms of use.

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