Actor 1-2: Trefle

queenofthenight Archeia Notes:

“Trefle” is not her real name. It’s a name I had given her for my game.

“Trefle” is the french name for Trefoil or also known as a Lotus corniculatus or Birdsfoot Trefoil. A flower that is known to be strong and beautiful (even if invasive). In the language of flowers, it means “Revenge or Warning.” Here’s the source.

A small and agreeable plant which cheers up any garden in the summer months, the reason why it has such a dark meaning as ‘revenge’ is a mystery. Schoolchildren used to pick these flowers as protective wards against their teachers’ wrath, but the true reason behind its symbolism is hard to figure out.

However, that it would be a symbol of warning is actually quite interesting: the trefoil – either bird’s foot or clover- has been inspiration for symbols which needs to be able to be read whichever way they might turn. The symbol for radiation hazards, fallout shelters, biohazards, and many others are all ‘trefoil’ designs. These designs were extremely popular in Gothic architecture, as was anything symbolizing Trinity.

Here I dance in a dress like flames,
And laugh to think of my comical names.
Hoppetty hop, with nimble legs!
Some folks call me Bacon and Eggs!
While other people, it’s really true,
Tell me I’m Cuckoo’s Stockings too!

Over the hill I skip and prance;
I’m Lady’s Slipper, and so I dance,
Not like a lady, grand and proud,
But to the grasshoppers chirping loud.
My pods are shaped like dicky’s toes:
That is what Bird’s-Foot Trefoil shows;
This is the name which grown-ups use, but children may call me what they choose.

-Mary Cicely Barker, “The Song of the Bird’s-Foot Trefoil Fairy”

You can also look at her name as a play on the Four Leaf Clover as being “extremely lucky.” I thought it fit with her design a lot.

To be clear, I traced over the original RMVX image and recolored it. It was the only way I can make it fit the rest of the VXA assets.

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pencil Changelog // Issues

cont December 17, 2018 – Initial Release.

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cont Has Neutral, Confused, Contemplation and Sad Eye Expressions. 5 Types of Mouth Expressions.
cont Includes Bust Version, VXA and MV Facesets.

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This section is for other creators who also created assets for this character.

cont Momope made an FSM version of her. Slimmmeiske also translated their terms of use.