ReStaff Released! May 2012

Click the image for link

– Iconset from Timmah
– Battlers from Thalzon
– Sprites from Shiro
– Scripts from Fomar0153
– Faces/Portraits from Jalen
– BGMs and Assorted Graphics from Archeia
– Portraits and Characters from PentagonBuddy
– Character Generator Parts, Portraits and Facesets from Scin

comments will be really appreciated ;w;


On other news:
For those who use Windows XP, sometimes the game isn’t compatible and would cause a dumb Error 103 issue. Mostly in the start of battles or while selecting skills. It can range from many things such as:

1.) File Sharing
2.) Scripts (I think this highly depends, but it was one of those)
3.) Folder Permissions

One of the fixes that DID work is this:

-open up windows explorer(my computer)
-click on tools at the top
-click folder options
-click VIEW tab
-scroll all the way down and UNTICK “use simple file sharing”

But the error 103 still happens but super rare. Sadly, I don’t know how to get around with this since it works flawlessly in Windows Vista/7. So I am guessing it’s mostly a program issue :/