ReStaff August

And so August arrived and Restaff released resources again!

Here are some of the things me and Scinaya collaborated on :D
It’s fun since we’re both in sync when it comes to these things! Feels awesome!

And a VXAce sprite I finished for him. It is for Porcupine Princess but I thought I might as well share it :D


Aluxes Part 1

Here’s just some of the ways to make your own RTP portrait. This is part 1 and I haven’t finished coloring yet since it was like 2 am =w=)~
If anyone has further questions, tell me!

Livestream session.
Overall Time: 2 hrs and 11 minutes
Paint Tool SAI.
If you want the Photoshop equivalent of the tools used:
Hard Brush, Soft Brush, Hard Round Brush for Eraser

Denny Schneidemesser
Butterfly Tea
SoundTEMP (Ragnarok Online)