OMG Updates!

First of all, I would like to thank the kind soul  that donated money to my paypal, I was so touched and happy! I wanted to send you a thank you e-mail (which I still will do) but I really appreciate it man! I’ve been thinking of getting the $10/month thing from dropbox so I wouldn’t be so reserved with my resources and stuff updates due to bandwith, I will put the money to good use! ;w;

But work calls and I can barely stay up  because of the flu and stuffs, so here’s a small update for you guys. I’ll update the material page once I have time and do more emotions for these…girls. ;-;

Actor 5-8 : Isabelle Done!

For the news! Yanfly recreated state animations! Now we can see what’s up and all that instead of relying on super limited Icon Display.  Kread-Ex created a Sneeze script and is finally back? We missed youuu ~ While Yami released his slot battle thingy, it’s kinda weird~

So here’s my X-mas gift for everyone!

Enterbrain, your design for Isabelle surprised me that I had to do something about her lower half.