Luna Engine Update

I had a talk with the very lovely people, Neon Black and Fomar0153. Both of them agreed to make their scripts compatible with Luna Engine. We’re still on heavy beta testing phase as well as being bombarded with so much work. BUT, here’s a GREAAATT present from the awesome Neon Black.


As far as I know, There is a CTB and ATB by Neon Black and Fomar has an ATB.
and that’s my news for the day.

ReStaff November!

So busy and broken tablet is not fun. However! I managed to finish at least some ReStaff things. Thankfully I’m used to the touchpad due to my habit of drawing with it during programming classes lol. Everyone should check out the November release! It has some awesome scripts and resources in it! I also made a sprite, you can see it below~


I know I said I won’t sprite VX(Ace) style ever again, but ReStaff called for it. Those poor awesome battlers without any sprites… ;_;)



ReStaff Released! May 2012

Click the image for link

– Iconset from Timmah
– Battlers from Thalzon
– Sprites from Shiro
– Scripts from Fomar0153
– Faces/Portraits from Jalen
– BGMs and Assorted Graphics from Archeia
– Portraits and Characters from PentagonBuddy
– Character Generator Parts, Portraits and Facesets from Scin

comments will be really appreciated ;w;


On other news:
For those who use Windows XP, sometimes the game isn’t compatible and would cause a dumb Error 103 issue. Mostly in the start of battles or while selecting skills. It can range from many things such as:

1.) File Sharing
2.) Scripts (I think this highly depends, but it was one of those)
3.) Folder Permissions

One of the fixes that DID work is this:

-open up windows explorer(my computer)
-click on tools at the top
-click folder options
-click VIEW tab
-scroll all the way down and UNTICK “use simple file sharing”

But the error 103 still happens but super rare. Sadly, I don’t know how to get around with this since it works flawlessly in Windows Vista/7. So I am guessing it’s mostly a program issue :/