Dem Windows and Dem Zs

So you might be wondering that whenever you use the things said in this blog, it turns to this:


But fret not! I asked a friend of mine (TDS) to help me figure out some things and the like (aka please make this for me~). I was also testing the Rearrange Window from one of my scripts and so on and I faced this problem <_<

Aww man…

So in order to save ourselves from the headache and I asked him one more question and it turned like this!


I hope this is what everyone wanted? I’ll be making a new page soon. But I thought I’ll show this off since it’s a life saver even for me. TDS is running through some convenient stuff for all of us and we have to finalize some things. Hopefully, I can post it soon. ;w;

Workarounds and Little Things

I added another page to the Tutorials Section. It’s basically RMVXAce Workarounds with newly added things, like snippets. Nothing big. And just drawing some small things. I was actually done with Naia but then power outage happened and I lost all my progress. Blah.

And since I didn’t pimp this in this blog @_@;

New Layout~

I was getting tired of the old theme, I mean it was nice and compact but yeah! Hopefully this is easier to navigate since before, people would be confused on how to navigate the menus for some reason. I’ll also update the material page to banners format probably so you guys can just clicky and see which ones are uploaded. Something like that. I’ll get on to it sometime.

Kinda like this:

I wanted to change the background too but I have to upgrade my wordpress to pro so I can change font colors globally. I am disappointed and I don’t have any money :(

And to not make this post useless, have a video~