Workarounds and Little Things

I added another page to the Tutorials Section. It’s basically RMVXAce Workarounds with newly added things, like snippets. Nothing big. And just drawing some small things. I was actually done with Naia but then power outage happened and I lost all my progress. Blah.

And since I didn’t pimp this in this blog @_@;

Princess Princess Episode 1.5

Trial Version:
It is highly recommended to play this version first!
Or you can watch Nicob’s Let’s Play of Princess Princess over here!

Princess Princess Episode 1.5 Download


Or formerly known as Princess Princess V6. There were some change in plans on how the final project would look/start etc. So this defunct chapter is not usable anymore but it’s still plot important.

So here you go! I still recommend you play the original PrinPrin then play this. Since you know, connected and all or some things won’t make sense at all. There’s also some freebies for defeating the final boss of the game that can be used for your game projects. Will you reign supreme?!

If you need any hints/tips/got stuck, please read over here!

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I’m alive!

Ralph stop that, it's making me nosebleed!

I just finished databasing for Princess Princess! But the thing is it needs more fixing and I need to work with the maps. School is also starting tomorrow. Material updates are going to be slow because of this, I’m sorry :(

But let’s look over other people’s works~ Yanfly created Lunatic States: Protection. I really don’t know how to use Lunatic mode properly, I need to level up! And Yami created an Anti-Lag Script! Modern Algebra gives us a script that fixes pictures to the map. Useful for parallax mapping and he also has Animated Parallax too~! There’s also Cozziekun’s Pathfinding Script. Which is one of my favorite scripts out there since XP. And finally, Khas is back with PIXEL MOVEMENT script. I’m glad he ported it~ I was almost weeping when I thought VXA will take another 1232132131 years to have another pixel movement script. The caterpillar is kinda wonky tho (thanks to emmych for reporting that!) so stay tuned for the final version!

Finally, Evil Eagles released more XP Battlebacks. Enjoy~

I will be dumping loads of materials though once I finished some sets! Please be patient~ I’m dropping in a few Ralph teasers of his new look and an Alice~

Yes Ralph I'm sure of it.
Don't highlight her!

That said, I’m leaving some screens :D