Tree Canopies
Tree Canopies

I was talking to Indrah about Tree Canopies, and I said, it shouldn’t be hard to copy the tree canopies and make them not square right? Oh how wrong I was. This is also not an edit, uh, it’s made from scratch. It probably doesn’t tile, I didn’t really test it, but it’s made with parallax (or prerendered for the picky ;D) mapping in mind. But anyway, have some! The cliffs are edited ofc. ‘w’)b



A sample map usage by Indrah~


Ill Will

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“Well now, how did these little morsels make it so far 
under their own power? I think I’ll keep my eye on them.”


Ill Will is a dungeon crawler with carefully crafted, minimalist story elements and simplified overall design. The combat uses a turn-based structure with a heavy emphasis on elemental affinities, and a streamlined AI routine for enemies that helps curb outright stupid behavoir.

It is very firmly divided between gameplay and plot, with decently-sized sessions of both, rather than a more rapid alternation.


“So, we’re here. We’re here and we don’t know where “here” is. All we know is they want to eat us, and we don’t want to be eaten by them. Oh, and we know they have some tricks we’ve never seen before. Throwin’ fire and all that business. That’s not good. Oh, and one last thing we know.

We can do it too.”


The gameplay consists of going through miniature dungeons to acquire Traces. Every Trace teaches certain skills at certain levels, has elemental affinities, and stat modifiers. Your allies are each restricted to a number of categories, such as Physical or Ailment Traces; you may use any Trace you please.

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Started at 2009, Finished this 2012!