Workarounds and Little Things

I added another page to the Tutorials Section. It’s basically RMVXAce Workarounds with newly added things, like snippets. Nothing big. And just drawing some small things. I was actually done with Naia but then power outage happened and I lost all my progress. Blah.

And since I didn’t pimp this in this blog @_@;

A new tutorial is added!

Citrus says hi

This time it’s about window positioning. Ever thought about how it’s hard to to use these bust shots for your game and then spacebarring like mad for your dialogue? I was taking too long to release porcup and to save everyone from that trouble, I included a tutorial and a small guide. I hope it helps :)

You can find the tutorial on the tutorials tab or click here.

Princess Princess Episode 1.5

Trial Version:
It is highly recommended to play this version first!
Or you can watch Nicob’s Let’s Play of Princess Princess over here!

Princess Princess Episode 1.5 Download


Or formerly known as Princess Princess V6. There were some change in plans on how the final project would look/start etc. So this defunct chapter is not usable anymore but it’s still plot important.

So here you go! I still recommend you play the original PrinPrin then play this. Since you know, connected and all or some things won’t make sense at all. There’s also some freebies for defeating the final boss of the game that can be used for your game projects. Will you reign supreme?!

If you need any hints/tips/got stuck, please read over here!

(^^Click the Linkies^^)

New Layout~

I was getting tired of the old theme, I mean it was nice and compact but yeah! Hopefully this is easier to navigate since before, people would be confused on how to navigate the menus for some reason. I’ll also update the material page to banners format probably so you guys can just clicky and see which ones are uploaded. Something like that. I’ll get on to it sometime.

Kinda like this:

I wanted to change the background too but I have to upgrade my wordpress to pro so I can change font colors globally. I am disappointed and I don’t have any money :(

And to not make this post useless, have a video~