Convert a Tileset to Single Images using Pyxel Edit

A fast and quick tutorial on how to use Pyxel Edit and convert a tileset to single images.
  1. Download Pyxel Edit.
  2. Open Pyxel Edit.
  3. File -> Import -> Import Tiled Image(s). Load the Tileset you want to convert.
  4. Set the correct Tile Width and Height on the newly opened window.
  5. Press Import Tiles -> Only Selected Tiles -> All.
  6. Press Import after you’re done.
  7. If it’s done correctly, there should be tiles on the right window.
  8. Press File -> Export -> Export Tileset.
  9. Check Tiles as separate files
  10. And then set the path and filename. It will be saved as SAKANOBJ_num* in the video example.
  11. Press Save and a prompt will appear.
  12. Press Open Path to see the images!
Now you can use them for Yanfly Doodads or something!

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