Resource Requests

pencilWhat is the purpose of this page?

You can post requests here. I don’t do requests for commercial games and all the materials requested in this page should be allowed for everyone’s use (Commercial and/or Non-Commercial). 


Rules before Requesting
  • You have to include reference materials. This involves the game sprite, any other pictures pertaining to their clothing/props. Anything that you think is vital must have a reference. I’m not going to search the net for hours just to find the perfect reference for your character.
  • You have to include a short bio of the character. It doesn’t have to be complex. For example, X character is cheerful and outgoing. Reference image of their preferred personality would be highly appreciated.
  • We have the right not to do your request and/or ignore it. We also have the right to take our time as much as possible. Arting Starvists here.
  • The conditions found in my Terms of Use is applicable here.


170 thoughts on “Resource Requests

  1. Hello~ I came to make a request for a bust and a face from it. I dont mean to make u work too hard but here is the sprite I want done:


    I kind of want maybe a few multiple expressions:
    – Neutral smile
    -Angry like shes ready to fight
    -Upset like someone died
    -Super happy like she just got an amazing gift

    I very much appreciate the redirection to this site btw~

    1. idk how to leave a seperate reply :I
      sorry to bother you.
      if your still doing requests i have one.
      – im in need of a zombie battler of the sprites on -People 1-
      im using those characters as the parents of the main character and i need zombie versions of them for the main character to fight in the future.
      the family resembling characters on people 1 are probrally the most important part of the project im working on.
      if its too vague my bad.

  2. I’ve the work you’ve done and they look awesome.

    I was just wondering if its possible for you to do the battlers for the other characters
    I would like to use them and plus your battler for Ralph look so good, it was as if enterbrain made it

    Hope you can do it

      1. I got Idea you Dante from rpg maker dante98 because he is so obscure

  3. Hey, I saw your Naia emotion faceset and thought they were really good for the RTP! so I was thinking could you make an expression face tutorial for them so we could make our own emotions?

  4. Hello
    Can You modify a batler (Minkoff style) for me??
    i mean: change some poses becouse hero holds a sword in one hand and change this to
    hero who keeps sword in two hands
    the battler that need change
    if You dont have time for this its ok

  5. Hello,

    Your portraits and battlers are amazing. You and your friends have a real talent for graphic engineering.
    I’d like to request a few bust size portraits that I can’t get from your material page, yet. If you’re already on top of them, then I understand that it’s a wait in progress, but I’d like to ask for bust sized portraits of characters from RPG Maker VX Ace, that are previewed on your site but have yet to have what I desire…

    Actor 4-7
    Actor 5-1
    Actor 5-4 (she has every face but normal mode)
    Actor 5-5
    Actor 5-7 (this page doesn’t have the download link, not that I saw)

    I would just like their normal faces that you can see on the normal face portrait, and their normal clothing and color. I’ve heard that these came with the japanese version of the game as omake if you also registered on their site, but I just have the english version :-p

    Thank you for your time in reading this request.

      1. there are 9 busts of 5-4 rita, but the closest one to her normal face is pissed

  6. Hi! I really love your work, Syrn in particular is just hot >3>

    Since you’re taking requests, I’d very much like a bust picture of this guy for my game:

    Sadly, I don’t have a sprite for him yet.

    Some details may be hard to spot: there’s a silver cross between his horns, his collar is made of white fur and he’s carrying a lance in his left hand (the lance and the horse don’t have to be on the bust picture).

    Bio: he’s a demonic knight, evil and arrogant but also dignified. He looks down on others, both figuratvely and literally.

    Expressions: since only his eyes show, all he needs are three different sets of eyes: neutral, angry/intimidating, and sarcastic.

    Eye color reference:

    Thanks in advance if you decide to do it ^_^

  7. I just saw you last cut-in (in Fan guirlsim strike) and it make me decide to make a request because damn if the guy had brown eyes and blueu eyes, I swear it could have been my hero Lumiel!

    Reference materials
    Battler :
    Faceset (temporary) :
    Charset :

    Bio : He is like Saber in Fate Zero, serious type, hardworking and he is brave. He wear a leather armor (the black brown thing). He is a hunter but can work also as a guide.

    I hope my character will be enough be interesting to pick your interest.

  8. Hi there!
    First of all, you have some pretty awesome material here. Honestly. (I’m seriously considering changing my characters looks just so I can use your stuff. It’s THAT awesome).

    That being said, I was hoping you could do a battle cut in for Ulrika next? She is the hero in my game and I’ve grown very attached to her, so I can’t immagine anyone else but her as the main character (otherwise I’d have probably changed her look to use one of your all ready finished characters as well).

    Preferbly one where she dual wields two swords or daggers :) Here’s three examples, going from standnig still to more action-like (btw. I know there a tad.. odd.. But those three just have the exact poses I personally had in mind ^^”):

    Naturally it’s up to you if you want to use any of these examples, or even draw a battle cut in for Ulrika at all, but if you could consider it, that would be awesome.

    Thanks for everything you’ve made so far. I know my game wouldn’t be the same without it :)

  9. Hi ! Nice work, really <3
    However, I was really sad I didn't find actor 5-1 bust shot in here (you know, the one you call "Ryo").
    Would it be convenient for you to make some ?
    That sure would be great ;) I am an artist too but I cannot do these the right way…
    Thank you very much for all your works.

  10. I would like to make a request, if I may, for Kyoki Faust. I would like a few emotion bust-shots for her, and perhaps a battler. I would do it myself, but… well… .__.” I can’t draw anywhere near the proper style for the program. And I just can’t manage the clean coloring and outlines, or simple the anime style. Though my art still looks somewhat anime-like.

    My drawing of Kyoki:

    For a sprite, she looks like the fanatic, with the hood down. (I’ll just edit that some other time. <.<)
    Top right:

    For her personality, she's a tad insane, on the euphoric side. Though, she still does have bursts of sudden and violent depressions and angers. But mostly happy and somewhat homicidal. Her eyes are usually the odd silver-white-ish color like in my drawings. However, in full moods like mania, depression, and rage, they change color. Mania simply gets golden streams of light, Depression gets blue eyes and blue streams, Rage gets red eyes and red streams. For mania and rage, her mouth splits into a smile or frown like porcelain cracking, and her teeth sharpen. (Mania: Smile, interlocking teeth. Rage: Frown, messed up sharp teeth.)

    Interlocking teeth:

    And for the rage, basically that but closer to shark teeth and not so clean and orderly.

    ._." I apologize if this was a tad wordy.

  11. I love your art and I would like to request a bust shot for Ryoma if its not to much to ask.

  12. If you can make a big face of the player 3-6 (female elf) with the same “attributes” of elicia I would be very grateful. and if you add faces of sadness, anger, would be even better! Thank you for providing this wonderful site!

  13. Hello!
    I just want to say first that… I’ve been viewing your wordpress for days now and just… stalking it. (shhh, I know, good obsession, right?!) and I do draw traditionally but when I watch the youtube livestream drawings I just think, “why the poop can’t I be that good?” you’ve inspired me to try to draw more often and be a better artist.. but I have to do everything else before I get a tablet.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you could remake Elmer for me (he’s my favouriteeee <3) into a blonde princey type guy? This in portrait(bustshot?) mode (or normal if you want to, but I really want portrait… I shall use it once I figure out how to put portraits, I n00b at scripting!) And if you don't mind can you do the emotions for him as well? He's so cute! Elmer is just so… tsundere and I'm a sucker for that… -fangirls and becomes sidetracked-

    I haven't made a sprite for him yet since… I kinda want XP style sprites but if I don't do that I'm sure i can find a way to reflect what the portrait looks like <3.

    Me thinks that you should keep Elmer's hair, you can alter it a bit though if you'd like! Outfit that kinda looks like this, but keep Elmer the same way or in this position of Syrn
    Hair shade(?):

    Thank you very much in advance if you decide to do it (whether it be you or Penta) and I will be sure to credit you and well… be forever grateful for this! Best of luck to everything!

    Oh, another question… do you take commissions? If so, how much? :D

    PS: Thanks for everything you've made and done, honestly they have been so useful and I greatly appreciate them. Especially the tutorials and the scripts and the materials… okay so everything, but it's made me not give up on being a n00b and continue trying. I try to do everything through trial and error and if it doesn't work after about 15 tries I google a tutorial. So I respect you.

    Kudos to you guys, thanks again!

    Pilipoly x

  14. I’ve got simple request, if you could do it.

    Could you make a portrait of the clown in RPG Maker? People 3-6

    1 portrait of his grand smiling face would be wonderful. I don’t imagine him having other expressions. If you happen to do more portraits, it’ll be icing on the cake.

    Thank you in advance.

  15. Hello, I have a request. I would like to know if you can make a cut in picture for two characters in the style that you made for Isabelle ref:

    One of the characters is a witch ref:

    For her, she is mysterious and flirty, but can be dangerous and serious when she needs to since she is also a powerful witch. I would like the picture to show her in a sexy pose with perhaps alluring eyes, like you dont know exactly what she is thinking since she is crafty.

    The last of the characters is a harpy ref:

    For the last character her personality is more upbeat, she is cheerful and adventurous, very out going and doesnt like being cooped up in a cage. She, of course, loves flying. So I was thinking for her picture to show a more upbeat personality, like her wings are spread out, she is enjoying being part of the battle team.

    Thank you for your time.

  16. Hello! I’m waiting for the other actors:


    I MUST to know where I can give you donations, because I MUST donate! :D

    You are doing a great work!

    1. Isn’t Actor 1-1 Ralph? I’m pretty sure I’ve done him already! And thank you :D my donation button can be found in if you’re feeling generous ;w;

  17. Greetings! First I’d like to thank you for all the work you’ve done so far. I am already using a large number of your resources and they are making my game look great!

    Naturally, I want request something from you, if you don’t mind. I would love it if you could do a variety of expressions for Actor 1-6 or as you’ve named him “Derek.” It would be equally as splendid if they were on busts instead of facesets. That is all.

    Many thanks, even if you don’t do this request. You’ve already given me so much that it pains me to ask for more.

  18. I would like a character that looks almost identical to Kirito from the Sword Art Online animation but slightly older. Full body character if possible if not than just the busts with a few emotions like angry, normal, grinning, and hurt (like physically hurt).

    The character’s name is Kai, and he’s literally proud. He thinks everything is below his standards and he carries a pair of Ninchaku (numchuks) on his left side. He also has a sword on his backside as well. Kai’s driven by angry emotions and his standard mood is the grin look since he finds personal entertainment in almost everything.


    That’s the best full body image I could find of Kirito. Kai’s outfit should be solid black full jacket though with a green dragon design going up the front on both sides of the center. He’s also not an elf like thing either lol. It’s not a complex design just a simple style dragon with no real details other than it’s shape and color.

    Hope this can be done as it’s very hard to find skilled artists out there. You guys have amazing work! Let me know if anything else needs said.

  19. Archeia…. Can I have a request for you?

  20. I have sort of multiple request.
    Most important is, can you make a faceset for this character
    He has usually quiet, serious and cocky.

    2) I was wondering if you could do some battlers looking more to the side, so they could be used both in a side view battle system and front view.

    3) If you don’t mind, I would like to use my request in a commercial project. I’m willing to pay you for your work, but we can discuss that in PMs at, name is Erics.

    Thank you! ^^

  21. Hello I wanted to make a request. It for a personal use, I want to make the game of my dreams. It is complicated though. Well here it goes I want a character who is a mix of Dagran (From the last story) and Zack (From Final Fantasy 7). His name is Kain, he is distant and a sort of a lone wolf. He ran away from his home since his father (A fabled warrior and militaristic hero) pressured him too much. He is a character that will start off as a thief/mercenary then become a warrior in the military just like his father later on. Here are some reference pics. (He has brown eyes, light skinned but not too pale almost like zael, dark brown hair, goatee,sideburns and stubble that are exactly like dagruns, his hair is somewhat long thats how I have my hair somewhat lol) example:×403.jpg

    Sorry the info is too long and kind of unoriginal, I hope you take it into consideration. Btw his class is a mix of a thief and a warrior. So maybe so thief or adventurers garbs would be perfect for him. (A shirt, then over it a vest, a pauldron on his left shoulder, he also has an earing on his left ear (although you don’t have to that) His age is 20 and he is a human. I was thinking about making his mother an elf but idk yet. Thanks again :)

  22. I normally wouldn’t request such a thing, but would it be possible for me to request more cut ins, especially for Elmer and Mimi? I know, as an artist, it takes a LOT of time to even do one piece of art, but I LOVE your art style enough to patiently wait, if you deign to even notice my request. T.T Thank you.

      1. I can actually help, with details, if need be. I’m just in love with the default RTP for my game, because the defaults are so close to the actual character designs. I’d greatly appreciate it, more than you could know. XD I plan to donate too, if its any motivation. I know what its like to be an artist. I’m an author by trade.

      1. For Mimi, I’d like something along the lines of this, a similar expression. My character is very serious.file:///C:/Users/Bobby/Downloads/Jin_Kisaragi_(Story_Mode_Artwork,_Pre_Battle).png
        For Elmer, Something like this. Its a female character, but the pose is ideal, with a stone faced expression:: file:///C:/Users/Bobby/Downloads/anime-girl.jpg

  23. Hi, my name is “random insert something here” and I would like to request that you create 30 unique works of art for my project I’ll never finish. Thank you for taking the months to do this for people like me who are too lazy to learn to draw on their own.

  24. Hey, Archeia, or Penta, please do my request. I’ll add bust shot and character sprite, also full-body picture when you added me on skype.

    When I watched your video on twitter (where you draw Elmer battle cut-in), and I really liked it! I want you do my request, if you can make the character of Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning battle cut-in. I will gladly talk with you on skype if you need more. I can add bust shot, sprite, and full-body picture. I also forgot that I didn’t said weapon, and I’m too lazy to edit comment.

    Add me on skype @firelad97, see you there!

  25. The world needs more Ulrika. I demand… *cough* I mean request a cut-in of Ulrika. Preferably looking badass.

  26. Hi

    I was wondering if there are portraits for the Queen and the Princess like there are for the Soldier (all from People 4)? And if not, could you make some? Pretty please?

  27. Hi ^^ I have some requests :D Can you make the Battle Cut-In of this characters: – Actor 5 – Brenda
    – Actor 5 – Rick
    – Actor 5 – Alice
    – Evil – Evil Mage

    Thank you very, very much :D I really love your draws, if i have a credit card i donate you money, but i don’t have one :'(

    Thank you for all :D


      1. Reference my comment? lol why’s that? Oh, as an update Ms. Nessiah, the game I’m making has reached its first stage of alpha testing, and everyone involved in the testing absolutely loves your art style. Your Mimi cut in won over my lead tester, since it was for her character, Simetra. Might I possibly be able to request two more cut ins for you within the year’s end?

  28. Hi! My close friend SquallStorm recommended I talk to you about sending a request. I was um…curious if maybe you could do a few character bust shots, cut-ins and maybe some bust shot emotion variations of sorts? Sorry if this sounds like a lot but perhaps asking for just 1 character for now would be swell if that’s alright with you.

    I’m more than happy to donate as well. =)


    Name: “Alpha”
    Age: 22
    Height: 5′ 5″ [165.10 cm]
    Gender: “Male” (secretly female)
    Hair Color: Silver w/ black hues [black tips on the front bangs]
    Hair Style:
    Eye Color: Dark Green (left eye) ; Pearl (right eye)
    Personality: socially awkward, covertly inspirational, charismatic, adaptable, anemic (genetic marker), pessimistic, insecure, fairly temperamental
    — Head: Metallic Steampunk-like Goggles
    — Top: Charcoal button down cloak (similar to this minus the vest on the front and ribbons on the arms) [ ] with a hawk-shaped hood [ ] w/ a large white wings graphic on the back (one spirit looking wing and the other as a robot skeleton wing)
    — Shirt: Plain Blue form-fitted t-shirt [—RE4–resident-evil-722304_1024_1373.jpg ]
    — Pants: Dark Wash Jeans
    — Shoes: Black Combat Boots w/ silver buckles
    — Accessories: White fingerless gloves, double belts across hips (top belt is a whole with .50 caliber alchemy bullets and the other is one with spare pockets)

    Battle Cut-In

    Weapon: Energy Fists (as in both lol ^^;)
    Weapon Reference:
    Pose Reference:
    Additional Notes: The energy fists don’t literally have that metal gauntlet around his forearms and hands, but more of a spiritual sort of appearance to them. They’re also black in color like wispy smoke but a bit more solidified when readied or used in battle since they can be summoned at will. Also, I would like for Alpha’s expression to look like Tifa’s in the picture: determined, serious but a little cocky to show some contrast from their dark personality. Upon using this technique when the battle cut-in starts in my game I would like for the goggles to be lowered over the eyes to show concentration.


    I hope this isn’t too much info! >^< While I would love to request some bust emotions I think I'll wait since I don't want to burden you with my character in case they're really complicated. D: Please let me know if this is possibly too much; I am willing and more than happy to remove some things from my character if need be.

    Thank you!! :3

      1. Ok, first off, thanks for mentioning me. I told you Nessiah, my group of friends love your work. haha. Second, we can use these for commercial games? Future note to self….

      2. Actually I’m curious, how much would it be for me to commission you for these so no one else can use it? o3o

  29. Hello :) I was wondering if you could possibly create a Battler of the king from the VX Ace RTP.

    Bio: Slightly overprotective of his daughter, takes his role seriously.

    His sprite and face-shot are in the rtp, although I will try to upload them here if I can figure it out. … I can’t seem to find the bust shot, so I’ll have to keep searching for it.

  30. Oh wow right on time when you finish taistar84’s request i can wait could you possibly do the vxace cover set hero portrait for me with emotions as well such as:
    -Wounded (don’t have to do)
    If anything please just do the neutral thank you by the way i can wait till you wanna do it so don’t rush yourself

  31. Hey, I have a request but not a Normal request i guess. I was wondering if you could give me tips on how to create better drawings that are easily compatible with RPG maker programs, I have a very large amount of resources I want drawn so it would be very unreasonable to ask you to do it, (5 main characters with 5-8 different facial emotions and bust shots to match, not to mention the side characters i also want to add, as you can tell the sheer number of pictures gets very large) But i love your work and i was wondering if you could give me tips/ advice and/or any programs for editing that could be helpful for me.

    So basically instead of requesting you to make materials for me, I am asking you to help me help myself. Any advice would be much appreciated :) and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi there! That would highly depend on your current resources. Do you have a tablet or Do you use a mouse? What programs do you have? Do you plan to use existing RTP bases or do you plan to create things from scratch?

      would you learn better if it’s a written tutorial or a video tutorial and hear me blab with my taglish, etc.etc.etc.

      1. Well I have the main character’s generated using the character generator that’s built in, But it is very limited in terms of facial expressions, So i was planning to use them as a sort of template( My game focuses a lot on character relations so the facial expression changes really have a huge impact). Overall I have the Idea of what I want the characters to look like, but I’ll need to do a handful of editing to get them exactly where i want them.

        As for programs, I have a laptop I use which has Photoshop, and Paint, I can also sketch decently on paper, but I can never seem to get it to look right when i try to convert the physical image into a electronic one.

        Any tutorial would be absolutely amazing, Personally I learn very well from video tutorials.

  32. Hello Archy :3
    I’m here to request a little(I don’t know if is it little but…) help for you, I’m a drawer and maker(orly?) but I’m really bad at digital artwork so I was wondering if you can make for me an digital art(or faceset) of this image:
    there is the colour set:
    thanks for reading anyway I’m your biggest chilean fan :D

    1. Oh, I forget the short bio D:,
      she is cheerfull, but in the situation that she is, her emotions tend to be a little serious, but always with that cheer nature :)

  33. Hi sorry, this is technically a request, but not really for you…I’m looking to get hold of Yanfly, however, I’m unsure what his e-mail address is (doesn’t appear to be on his site). If you might be able to help me out there then I’d be extremely happy; you see I’m having an issue with a couple of his scripts for a commercial game which is very close to completion. You see I’ve managed to miss-arrange the scripts and break the whole game, in the process of trying to solve a very minor issue :o

    1. You can reference the RMVXA Script list for Ordering Issue. And to be honest, Yanfly’s on hiatus and doesn’t want to get any messages about RPGMaker for a long time. So as a friend, I don’t feel that it’s right to give out his personal contact info.

  34. Heya. I need some un-armed battle cut-ins for:
    Vera, Derek, Lark, Trefle and Mrrn (since Elmer is done ^^) Hope that youll do it.

  35. Hello! I have a request.

    I’m in need of facesets(and a bust for a status screen)for two characters to fit the RTP style

    Char.1 Name:Nanilie
    Personality: Cheery, Impatient, maybe a little tsundere…?

    Char.2 Name: Zene
    Personality: Lazy, Laid-back, gets serious when the situation calls for it.
    Additional notes:His scarf is actually a slightly darker shade of green. And he should be a little older than he appears in the reference.(the generator I used lacked the option.)

    Please and thank you!

  36. Hi, I have a request (“a Request” may be stretching it here)
    Could you do VX/Ace RTP Style Facesets, emotions and cut-ins for these 4 please

    1: Syrus –

    2: Serenity –

    3: Celianna –

    4: Vernon –

    Can I have Their emotions as follows (For all of them): Normal (default emotion)
    Half – happy (don’t want them to be overly happy), suprised, WTF (as if they defeated something and something even bigger shows up), demotivated, Determined, Angry and exhausted

    And for the cut ins can you do them similar to how you did these ones (Can you do them with the magic circles aswell please)
    When I say similar – the only difference would be the character

    Syrus – Similar to how you did Ralph’s
    Serenity – Similar to how you did Isabelle’s
    Celianna – Similar to how you did Brenda’s
    Vernon – Similar to how you did Terence

    That’s all

    Post Script: I love how you did some of the stuff AND I Loved Princess Princess

  37. Hey, I just have a couple questions/concerns. No actual legitimate resource requests.
    First of all, I was wondering if you’re planning on eventually fleshing out your collection of busts to include all or most of the default characters and people included in RMVXA.
    Also, how easy would it be to turn a single bust and a set of emotion faces into a set of emotion busts? I’ve played with this concept before, but just ended up with uneven lines and resolution discrepancies. I’m bad at pretty much everything, so I’d just like a little help getting that done myself. If you could explain it to me like I’m 3, I’d appreciate that.
    Also, I’d just like to praise you on your work so far. I love everything you’ve done, and I use you resources often. I have no intention to go into commercial distribution as of yet, but as it stands I’m only working on a single project, so that may change in the future.
    If you don’t have the time to explain such an otherwise simple process to someone like me, I understand. I’m pretty sure I could figure it out myself if I worked at it for a while longer, but my lack of both skill and patience holds me back. I give up too easily, and was just wondering if you could assist me in any way. Thank you.
    (I tried to post this comment already but my internet is spotty. I apologize if I repeatedly spam you with the same request.)

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I’ll try to answer as best as I could…

      1.) I am planning to flesh out the complete bust set. Just that right now I’m concentrated on important stuff like DS+ and the Luna Engine. We’ll see how it goes!

      2.) You would need to redraw the emotions on the busts. You can eyeball the faceset if you want.

      3.) If I were in your place, I would draw x3 – x5 of the original size and then resize it back to normal and paste it on the bust so the lines are consistent.

      4.) I’m glad you like them! I’m not sure how to teach people how to do these but I can attempt a video?

      1. I’m glad to hear that you plan to do the complete bust set. I’m using only busts for all dialog, but when you finish them isn’t a concern because I have no deadline or schedule as the current project is non-commercial. I think I did alright making a bust set based off another creator’s original bust and faceset, and I do greatly appreciate your help in that matter. I don’t know if you do much with video tutorials, but you should look into that. Last but not least, I intend to commission you to do some original busts in the future. I know can take requests, but an ironic combination of pride and sympathy won’t allow me to make a resource request. If you’re willing and capable of taking commissions, please let me know.

  38. I’m not sure if you’re still taking requests, but I have a request if you don’t mind doing it and have time. I’m requesting for 6 battle stance portraits of my game’s party (I’ll post pictures below). I’m going for a battle system like Etrian Odyssey IV
    It’s RPGVXA’s default system, but during the battle when the character is selected to make a command a battle stance portrait of them is shown until a command selection is made.

    These are my 6 characters sprites and face

    Let me know if these links don’t work and I’ll send new ones. So my characters names are Kyra, Vikis, Yumiko, Randgrior, Ryome, and Elma

    Kyra: The red head with the goggles and fox ears. She uses claws for weapons and has more armor to cloth ratio. She’s a somewhat air-headed character who feels her friends are always poking fun at her. She loves to adventure the world and is willing to do anything to protect people she cares about. Also her class is a Moon Fox.

    Vikis: The long black haired with a scar over his eye. He uses a magic jewel as his weapon attached to his arm piece. He’s about half and half for armor to cloth ratio. He is a very quiet guy who keeps to himself and has a troubled past due to his birth origins (Race is from two conflicted race of people) , but he’s very respectable and courteous to people and looks out for his sister Elma a lot. His class is blood mage.

    Yumiko: The green hair with black face armor. He uses guns as his weapons. He has the same amount as Vikis to armor/cloth ratio. He is a bandit who found himself mixed up with this party due to a series of events. He is a huge ladies man and big time perv, but can often give very sound advice. He also has a love interest for Ryome. His class is Shadow Gunner.

    Randgrior: Actor 4-4. She uses swords as her weapon. She has more armor to cloth ratio. She’s a very level headed girl who often has to keep Kyra in check and make sure she’s not making poor decisions. She values Loyalty, Honor, and Peace to the highest esteem and only fights when she needs to. Her class is Valkyrie

    Ryome: Actor 4-8. She uses Katana blades as her weapons. She only wears cloth armor. She’s a rather stubborn girl who feels she can do things herself without the aid of others. She hates pity and shows mercy to no one. She dislikes fighting with this party because she feels she stronger then all of them. Secretly though she hates the idea of ending up alone. Her class is Spell Blade.

    Elma: Actor 5-8. She uses magic staffs as her weapons. She only wears magical cloth. She’s a very upbeat and happy-go-lucky girl who values friendship to the highest esteem. It’s always a shock to find Vikis to be her brother since he’s the total opposite. She can be a bit of a klutz sometimes and tries to brave for her friends even when she’s terrified. She also is a gold digger she loves loves loves money and even charges her own friends sometimes. Her class is Witch.

    So that should be everything that fills the request requirement. I hope you’re willing to do it and will appreciate the effort you put into it. That is if you do my request lol

  39. I have a small request. I saw the portraits that you’ve done and I was wondering if you could make some for People1.

  40. Are you thinking of doing the battle cut-ins for the Spiritual sprites? I really like them, and I need one for Spiritual-5. If you’re going to make them anyway, you can disregard this if you like ^^ Thank you!

  41. I hope I’m not bothering you uwu but if you can, can you make emotion facesets and possibly (but however this is completely optional) battle cut-ins for two characters of mine?
    The first one ( is Steel, and she’s a smug kind of character that openly whoops when she’s happy. She’s a very experienced thief and she’s very confident considering that she can steal almost anything. If the picture of her in the little character sprite isn’t enough for clothing (I doubt it is) she’s wearing a black cloak and a blue dress (the kind that has the poofy sleeves and cinched waistline).
    The second one ( is Ryvus, and she’s a huge tomboy who loves to bet on anything and everything. She’s a witch so she wields a staff. She’s wearing a green headband and a dress with an empire waistline, green on top and white on the bottom.
    Thank you in advance ^^ I really love your work!

  42. Hello! I was wondering, (even though I know you said you planned to get around to doing busts of all the actors,) if you could put Actor 2 – Lark closer to the top of your to-do list for the actor busts, please?

    Thank you for reading, and thank you for the resources you’ve currently shared.

  43. Hello, I love your drawings so I decided to make a request >. <
    I would like to pose two actors as the following image:
    the actors are Actor 2 – Ylva and Actor 3 – Elmer and that will be my main characters in my story :)
    the colors and style of the characters must be equal to that you have on your page
    Thanks in advance :)
    Pd1: sorry if I did not explain well, use google translator my English is bad U.u
    pd2: my intro of the game to tell me how it goes q :3

  44. Could you make some portraits of Actor 2-2 (RTP / Green Hair) with just a few emotions (probably like 3-4?) ( & no facesets!)

    I know there’s a few portraits of her out there, however the quality isn’t that great compared to yours- and I just love your style ;w;

    Oh and if I were to describe her character, I’d say she’s cheerful and usually happy! However when things get tough she could get some anger issues LOL- and when she’s hurt she gets very VERY emotional! :)

  45. Are you still doing requests? Let me know if you have tons on your to do list right now. I don’t want to add more issues

  46. I would like to make a request :D
    I need these battlers ( )
    Terrence (Lance and Shield), Ernest (Sword and Magic ball), Isabelle (First with the Angel Staff), Natalie (With the Nunchucks), and Naia (With the Heart Staff).
    but facing frontwards (Their backs are visible).
    This way they are facing the enemy :3
    These can be used by anyone else too, not just myself.
    You can reach me here:
    Or just reply here :3 thank you and you’re awesome~

  47. I am far deep in a game and I wish I would have not chosen a Custom Character but its to late for that. I am way to emotional connected to my character to change his picture and sprite. His name is Treznal, in short he was banished from his elven village back when he was 10, but over the years he has started to question the real reason he was and also he seems to not be able to remember the reason why. It hurts whenever he thinks about it. So Determined to find the answer he sets out on his journey! I really need some better face edits and I want to do a Portrait Menu so bad but I can’t without him having a Picture for it. is his face pic and is his sprite. He wields a
    Sword and a (small) shield. He is a custom class I made named Elven Knight(subject to change but prob not). He is usually very happy and easy going. Always willing to help others before himself when they are in need. More emotions are so needed for him, I have only a few to pick from and it really bugs me. If you could do anything for me I would be so grateful to you! I love your work and support everything you do. If you can’t make time for me I understand but still I please for your artistic ability to help my story better.If you do decide to help me ,please feel free to ask me anything.

  48. I have a request for a bust.
    This character has lost his memory and just wants to know who he is. He is quiet but likeable, He is a martial artist, so he doesn’t have much armor. He also has a scarf (because scarfs are cool). I will include a sprite for him. I appreciate your willingness to to do this for so many people. You’re extremely talented! Thanks!

    The Sprite:

  49. Hello there!
    I would like to request bust shots for Actor 1-6 (would you believe me if I said in my game, I chose the name Maria for her even before checking her name? lol) with different expressions (Normal, Smiling, Shouting, Sad, Surprised, Pissed, Blushing, Angry, Desperate).
    This is not related, but do you have any methods to make characters emosets based off bust shots? I’ve done some, but I always get them wrong ;w;.

    PS2: Sorry for my englando.

  50. Hey I’m so glad you do requests. Ass soon as I can scan these pictures onto my computer I will consider requesting a few characters. :)

  51. Looking to have a more robust battle system created for my game. I am using a bunch of different scripts to make is loosing work.

  52. Heya i would like for you to make me a full bodied character portrait for my character heres his bio
    Arashi is a 13 year old kid that had an accident as a kid which left him losing an eye so doctors bandaged it up he usually always wears a white hoodie and blue jeans and he sees things alot….

    There you go! Thanks :D

  53. Archeia, please you had to do Spiritual Bustshot ^o^. I really need them to be honest >.<. Sorry if I request something that already been requested, but I can't help it :P. So, please.. "Spiritual" if you mind ^o^. Cyao~

  54. Hey Archeia, I was rolling through Yanfly page and I saw that you’re making fixes and stuff like that so I would like to request something.

    Currently I’m using Yanfly Custom Commands + Skill Restrictions.
    I set up a custom command to heal a unit but I want it to have a cooldown of 3 turns. (with no mana or tp cost)

    Sadly, the cooldown doesnt work and the skill gets disabled after I use it (after the 3 turns it continue to be disabled)

    Is it a bug or it’s just not compatible with each other? (strange because most of YF scripts are compatible with each other)
    If it’s a bug, can you fix it or make a patch to make them work with each other?

    Thanks anyway.

  55. Hmm sir with all respect, will you fix what I humbly requested or should I just give up?

      1. Hello I have heard that you can do request and I have a character that needs a picture done for him if you are not to busy to do it.

        I am not able to post his picture up here but if maybe I can email it to you I can give you the details and the pictures of him that I have that you can use for him :3

  56. Can you make me some Damage Sprites in the Mack style?
    I don’t have any references other than I want them to be like the RTP Damage
    sprites but in the mack style.
    Thank you in advance

  57. Yo, if you get a bit I would love a battler of Caroline (Actor 3-8). If possible, holding an open tome in one hand and a staff in the other. I’ll settle for anything though. I like to have the player fight some of the actors before they join the party, and sadly good battlers of the actors are pretty hard to find. You’d think they would be in higher demand, and it was nice that the XP RTP had them. It’s kinda sad that the VXACE Rtp doesn’t, since I like it’s actors so much more.

    Anyways I really appreciate your work and I understand that there are requests ahead of me and that you probably don’t update that often anymore, so take your time.

  58. Hey can you do a Sprite sheet for Silvana? you have her battle and Bust and I need her Sprite
    sheet for my game I tried finding Sprite generators to improvise but I couldn’t find anyway with
    the correct clothes I know your already working on it i was just wondering when its gonna be done because i need it for my game ASAP

  59. I have been working on this game of mine for almost a year and a half but I am missing a few things before I can begin the final steps of the game.
    I am not a skilled artist so I have asked some people if I could use there custom people and they have allowed me and even made some for me now that they have all vanished am no longer to get there help and maybe you all can find it in your wonderful hearts to help a poor guys out.

    I am needed a damaged icon for my villain to be made and a picture of him to be draw that can be used during a cut scene during the game.

    Character’s Name: Phantom
    Age: (unknown) Has been reported been around for over 100 years.

    History: Before he was known as the Phantom, he was a man found on the side of the road beaten almost to death by bandits, he was found by a family that took him in and healed him but he could never remember anything of his past life only his name.
    He chose to stay with the family that saved him, before long he found that he had a gift for building clocks and toys that he would sell to help repay the family that saved his life. The villagers at the time were scared of him do to his nature ( he was silent and always keeping to himself) they always thought he could be a danger to the village that was already dealing with issues thanks to a war that was happening in the land not far from them.

    It was not long before the war was almost to the village, the people were getting scared and Rosemary ( The Daughter of the family that saved him and Phantom’s wife) asked of Phantom to find away to protect the village. Without question he did was he was asked to do and began to think of a way to save the village, but after the people got word that Phantom was inventing something they became scared worried that his invention could cause all of them to be wiped if it was to harm any troop that was to come to their village.

    During the night the villagers burnt down Phantom’s workshop with the inventor and unknown to them Rosemary and their children who were meant to have been at home and not the shop.
    As Phantom tried to save his family the chemicals in his work shop caught a flame and the inventor found himself being caught in an explosion.

    When he awoke was in pain his whole body had been burned but he was alive that could not be said about his family he found dead after make his way back to what remained of his workshop, his family, and the invention he work so hard to make for the village (a shield generator that used a mix of alchemy and science).

    After that day it what happen next is known only a remaining few who remember who were allowed to live.
    All that can be said is that after the inventor had buried his family deep in the forest were he had proposed to his wife, what returned to the village was no longer the inventor but a being of pure rage.

    Here is his icon:
    Pose: ( but looking at up with eyes glowing red)
    Orb ( The item that allows him to live so long and gives him power):

    So yeah I know this is kinda long but tell me what you think and if I must I can throw some money your way :)

    1. So what do you people think of my Guy Phantom you think he would be someone that people would love to hate lol

  60. Hello,
    I want to make a request for two facesets/emosets and two single face . Here are the charsets for which i want emosets:

    The single faces are for the soliders with the masks because you can’t see any emotions on them ;)

    Thanks for possibly considering my request.

  61. Hello, I’m Ariel.

    I want to make a full body for my character from my games, Horiru Wairi from Warrion Heroes D’Amateur. and Ariel Windbrave from Core of Omega : The Lost Archangel. Which is :

    Horiru Wairi Character Face and Sprites :
    Face :
    Sprite :

    and Ariel Windbrave Character Face and Sprites :
    Face :
    Sprite :

    Thanks for your patronage

  62. Hello. I have a request. I need a face (Or faceset) for the female Grappler. If you could try that, that would be great!

  63. Hey, Archeia? Could you do a bust for the top half of my two (probably sucky) sprites? And no, the second one isn’t a mermaid, it is a ghost. I would also prefer it if the busts were in TWEWY-style drawing, but this isn’t required. I would like it if you could do multiple emotions, such as happy, sad, and angry, as well as their normal idle selves.

    Here is the URL: file:///E:/Alru&Silese.jpg

    Sprite 1 (Left): Alru
    Age: 15
    Personality: Egotistical, but not above helping those in need, he is actually a pretty nice guy, but is still forceful.
    Clothing: Wear a zipped up red hoodie, with it becoming orange, and then yellow near the end of the sleeves. He has grey hair that is almost white near the edges, and he has red eyes. He also wears normal blue jeans, and shoes, but those aren’t required on the bust.
    History: Alru lived in an enormous mansion with his father, and doesn’t really understand the world yet, as he was banned from ever leaving, as his father was extremely watchful. One day, his father died, and, despite his father’s harsh rules, Alru wished to bring him back, as he was his only family. As he was wandering around the mansion, he eventually found a mysterious room that locked itself once he was inside, and a mysterious being forced him into a world of the dead. Alru decided to find his father and bring him back to the world of the living again.

    Sprite 2 (Right): Silese
    Age: Around 340? (Looks 14)
    Personality: Cheerful, friendly, optimistic, though she is easily torn down, for lack of other words.
    Clothing: She wears a simple dress, which has been turned blue, much like her skin, while her hair has turned purple-ish. Her legs have vanished, leaving a wispy tail-like form in their place, this isn’t required on the bust.
    History: When she was alive, Silese was going to be married into Alru’s family the day she turned eighteen, but she died of a mysterious illness soon after she turned 14. She quickly became accustomed to the world of the dead, and has been living there ever since, but it seems that recently that peaceful world has changed for the worse…

    Thank you in advance!

      1. Almost forgot the details…
        Sprite 1 (Eren):
        Nature: Talkative, Serious, Cheerful.
        Sprite 2 (Aria):
        Nature:Moody, Hot-Tempered but shy when Aron is around.
        Sprite 3 (Dana):
        Nature:Talkative, Competitive, Smart.
        Sprite 4 (Dain):
        Nature:Competitive, Smart, Less talkative.
        Sprite 5 (Cleo):
        Nature:Timid, Silent.
        Sprite 6 (Echo):
        Nature:Serious, Less talkative Loyal.
        Sprite 7 (Aron):
        Nature: Cheerful and carefree ,but when angered: Serious, Cold.
        Sprite 8 (Psych):
        Nature:Kind and carefree, but in battle: A complete Psycho.

        BTW: Could you also make the Emosets for them please?
        Thanks in advance!

  64. I have a request for you to under take if you so wish I would like to have a sprite and faces made for the Hero_M battler in the rpg maker ace battlers set. He is going to be the main hero of the story a young kid skilled with the sword but not much else. His nature is series but with a kind heart outside of battle makes a fool of himself often his name is going to be Vash. Ty for your time

  65. Please i need anwsers As soon as possible. I need permission to get some Images and characters images and expressions, (i got Actor 4-6, Erick and Ernest). In my game Karuno (Ernest) its a young man and he go to a village to be a warrior, one day he find his sister in a city and they start to talk and he goes to her house, after some minutes Karuno got Kidnaped and your sister too….(Another Characters come after a time) Thanks for ready.

  66. Hello! I would like to make a request (if it wouldn’t be much of a bother) for you to make busts of three characters (all from XP)

    (Sorry I couldn’t find a picture of him online, but he’s one of the base characters in XP, so…)
    and Aluxes…but as a female (I always thought he was a girl, and still do)
    For personalities, I give them:
    ==Naive, shy, happy-go-lucky, always says the wrong thing and ends up getting yelled at by someone
    ==Smart, intuitive, observant, independent, blunt
    ==hotheaded, tomboy, doesn’t give a crap, blunt, tsundere,
    I’d like at least these emotes for them:
    -Eyes closed
    -Sad (no tears except for Basil)
    Also, I’d like them to not look too adultish (mainly in the faces), I’d like them too look younger, like how they do in the battle portraits.
    Sorry if that’s a lot!

  67. Hello, I greatly appreciate what you do and I would like to request faces for two characters for a project based on a dnd campaign I played.

    First is Tesris:
    He’s confidant, brash, but most importantly calculated. What lies behind the seemingly boneheaded surface layer of his personality is a pretty gifted stagiest. He always strives to do things on his own terms.
    He looks like Zach from FF7 but with brown eyes and cat ears:
    He’s also got that collar from Naruto but dark cyan:

    Next is Lau:
    Cynical, easily annoyed, and pessimistic, Lau is a real let down to any party. He is intelligent, but aware of his weakness, so he often stands in the background, tossing around snarky comments. In truth though, he’s a broken man who embraces the belief that he is powerless.
    He looks like Shouta Aizawa from My Hero Academia but shaved, with green eyes, and without the bit of hair in the middle.
    He’s also has a dark green hood, which would be off for the faces.

    If you don’t want to do multiple faces you can just do one expression each based on the reference pics. If you do feel like it I would like these faces in addition to the ones I just mentioned:

    Tessris: Triumphant Grin, Shock, Shadow-over-the-eyeswith serious frown, Fury
    Lau: Deep in thought, Small smile, depressed, anger

      1. That is what I mean. I don’t like the default RPG Maker MV art style for many reasons part of it is they’re extremely boring. I only drew a handful of them and I already wanted to gouge my eyes out.

      2. I see, ok. I don’t think your style is so different of default style, except poses. Your art seems perfectly mixable with default images (what doesn’t happens to the cover art style), so a faceset from you or someone with similar style would be welcome anyway by many people, I guess. But thank you anyway!

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