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yanflymoe Yanfly is known to be one of the reasons, if not the main reason, that people can use RPG Maker from a gameplay technical level.
Zioru-san is a kind person with tons of awesome free resources
rhyme is my partner in crime (for the most part) and is a really awesome person.
Diedrupo and Ronnie are cool people and you should totes check their games out.
akabanner2 He makes some wonderful battlers to make in our RPG Maker games, including static enemies and animated enemies!
Yami is totally a bro and helps a lot of people. He deserves more love!

General Resource Sites (RMVX~MV)

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Moghunter is well known for his visual scripts or plugins. If you need shiny things, he’s the go to guy!
Mr. Bubble is awesome and has tons of scripts and animation resources! She’s also managing the VXAce Master Script List Wiki. Help us out yo~
If you remember Vibrato from RMVX, well, he’s back! His new site contains tons of awesome graphics and tutorials to spice up your battles!
RM Collective is a site ran by tons of talented people like OriginalWij and Kalez. They also have a Deviantart Group that has ton of cool resources!
CCR is a huge resource site of almost about…everything. He has one of the most helpful tutorials and resources!
Kingdom Rise and Fall has a lot of resources perfect for the fantasy setting. It includes large beasts, anthros and so forth. Personally one of my favorite sites.
Celianna’s website is so rich with high quality content, you can’t go wrong.

RMVX/Ace Resource Sites

Resource Websites

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Scin is one of the oldest members of She’s awesome and we collaborate from time to time. You should check her out and her awesomeness.
Chaos Portal is a great site by Suiren and very friendly. He can also speak in English if you want to talk to him! He has a lot of materials and a complete Actor Battler set!
Liberty is RMN’s claimed RTP Princess. She provides resources, mainly 2k~VXA.
Venere Marte are Japanese people that are very friendly and making RTP and Mack Materials. They are great and also has an English version of their site!
Holder created tons of sideview battler for you to use! He even linked some scripts and showed some instructions on how to use them~ He also categorized them by type, overall, tons of work! Great job Holder~
  mitchi.exe has very helpful resources and a cool game to boot. You should check his stuff out~
  Soramani Kagome Kagome is a really cool resource site. Has a lot of victorian and/or gothic esque designs too which is always welcome.

Script Websites

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banner Theolized is the home of one of the best VXAce sideview battle systems. It also includes many other scripts!
Yanfly Channel is a site filled with over 103+ Scripts! Specifically aiming for RMVX/A. The scripts are in legacy mode and won’t be updated.
Yami’s old blog. It is home to the awesome Battle Engine Symphony. The scripts are in legacy mode and won’t be updated.
Grimoire Castle is Kread-Ex’s main site. He is an awesome fellow that makes awesome scripts. Kreaaaadddyy~
CP House Set is home to awesome scripts by NeonBlack. He’s a friendly guy and is very approachable.
Fomar0153’s script site. He isn’t as much active with script support and probably on Hiatus with public scripts. But at least he has awesome scripts and is very helpful.
Craze’s script site isn’t as active. I’m not sure if he’s still around as much either. But he has some interesting technical scripts as well!
Khas’s scripts are one of a kind and very helpful if you want to divert from the RPG norm. With platformer scripts, pixel movement and all that stuff, Khas’s site is a treasure trove!
Molegato is an awesome dude. He also has his own webcomic and made sideview battlers to complement with his script stuff.
I haven’t seen Ramiro for a while but he made a lot of cool earthbound-inspired scripts.
Very few resources but worth checking out.

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  1. Yami’s channel keeps popping up that I got a system breach, and to call a toll free number to report the problem. Don’t know if that’s my laptop only, or if his site’s messed up.

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