Cover Art Heroes



These are characters based on the RPG Maker MV heroes. Since the designs are from KADOKAWA, they can only be used for RPG Maker Engines with attribution to KADOKAWA. Read Terms of Use if you want to use these materials.


pencil Changelog // Issues
  • September 11, 2017 – VX Cover Art Hero (Black Clad Male) has been updated with new links and assets.
  • May 09, 2016 – VX Cover Art Hero (Black Clad Male) has been updated!
  • February 28, 2013 – VX Cover Art Heroes, Black Clad Male and Beautiful Cleric Girl, has been uploaded!


pencil Legend

= Brand New
= Updated


contVX Cover Art Heroes
queenofthenight Archeia Notes:

It’s interesting how RPG Maker VX has the most popular RTP characters and the most popular Cover Art characters. They’re usually the most requested materials!

contVXAce Cover Art Heroes
  • Priestess
  • Cat Girl
  • Hero Dude
  • Sage Guy
contXP Cover Art Heroes
  • Winged Girl
  • Dagger Guy
  • Elf Girl
  • Mage Guy

14 thoughts on “Cover Art Heroes

    1. Haha, the thing is I had to ask permission from some people I had collaborated with for the custom materials. So you people can use it for commercial works. But it seems that both of them agreed so I’ll update them once I rearrange things.

      1. Someone could pass the link to download the sprite of this character?
        (sorry for my bad English)

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