Here are materials I made for RPG Maker VX/VXAce. Read Terms of Use if you want to use these stuff. To view the pages, click on the words after “— — —.”

The Magic Circles found in the Battle Cut-ins are from Obsidian-Dawn. You need to buy a commercial license from them if you want to use the Battle-Cutins with the magic circle for commercial work.

NEW! = Updated!
Thank you Zioru-san for the icons!

— — — Facesets/Sprites/Battle Cut-Ins for Default Actors

— — — Facesets/Sprites/Battle Cut-Ins for Custom Actors 

— — — Battlers 

  • Humans
  • Monsters

— — — Tiles

  • Nature
  • Town

— — — Iconsets

  • Gear
  • Fruits
  • Weapon

— — — Other Resource Blog Links!

55 thoughts on “Material

    1. I am not sure if I am of that skill level yet or have the patience to do backview for battle sprites. I’m more interested if they’re facing on front so they can be reused everywhere. But I’ll see after I finish my initial PP stuff :)

      Thanks for commenting~

  1. I’m liking what I see so far (and already have your feed on my subscribed list).

    Side question: Are you planning on doing the same for the other characters and the monsters that have existing face sprites? There are four that I’m going to want expressive facesets for at some point down the line after I get the NA (English) version of VX Ace. Specifically, I’m looking at the top four from the “Spiritual” set in the VX/Ace RTP.

  2. wow, really great work you have been doing here! i really looking forward to the rest of your work! (especially the girl’s from ace rtp :P, n ernest as the main lead…)
    possibly we can make something similar to skit-like system?

      1. btw, some 8square box faces emotions, bit different from emotions in bust shot. want to use emotions from bust shot in face box style. is the face scale the same. if not i will try to resize then. but affraid it will decrease the quality. also, the battle cut in awesome! we can make Hi-Ougi like cut in by combining yanfly follow up skill script and common event!

      2. Wait, hold up… I knew you were doing bust shots of the entire RTP, but doing the battle cut-ins, too?! Don’t press yourself too hard, Ness… PrinPrin might not ever see the light of day because you’re too busy making awesome graphics for us :D
        Can’t wait to see more from you.

      3. Ness has the beyond sky ability to push his/herself too hard…..jk XD

        seen elicia cut-in? can anyone edit the default sprite to match ness elicia cut-in?

  3. lol can’t resize the bust shot to 8square face right, the position always a bit off.
    help or guide? anyone?

  4. Can i use that in my game?or not?

    Sorry for the english i’m brazilian and i speak portuguese,
    (Desculpa pelo inglês, eu sou brasileiro e falo português)

    1. i drew a ryoma full bust shot its not the best but its pretty good, wanna see?
      (I used and sorry for the double post

  5. Just amazing work. Seriously – I feel like I can write a good story, edit up whatever code needs to be done but have no talent with image editing and creation. I am really excited to see what else you do. :)

  6. Hey! I really like the Bust sets for the actors! Could you finish Elmer’s? I’m using him as my game’s MC so I need all the emotions :3

      1. That would be nice. He’s my favorite character and I want him to have the emotion he needs.

        I didnt know it was finished but I need more emotions

  7. Can I ask a question? I wonder if I can use your facesets already used in your game, Princess Princess.

  8. I mean there is no link I can click on where you write “From Princess Princess”, for example “Mira”, “Terence”, etc. I supposed maybe you don’t want to use that stuff because you already have used in your private game. so I asked the question about it as stated above. Please tell me about it. Thanks for replying anyway.

    1. oh those, sorry, it means they’re incomplete. I added those to give them names and when I say from PP it’s mostly they’re names I given for PP game, lol. Sorry for confusion.

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