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  1. I made some characters for my game and I want to edit them in photoshop. Can you tell me some hints to make them look like enterbrain design?

  2. Your art is really fantastic, but I’m going to ask something that other people might have overlooked because of it! Your menus are actually really aesthetic and really outdo anything out there (did you develop that layout prior to Ace?). I assume you’re using Photoshop gradients to achieve that effect, and I wanted to make something like that (a darker black transparent background with some design outline), but I wanted to know what technique you used for your Actor Command (attack) window. You have a very obvious and elegant fade which your skill menu overtakes and completes the box. I have no idea how to make a fade that is that subtle (just the attack menu from the left fading into the right). Don’t worry, I’m not duplicating your design! I wanted the party window and actor command at the default locations but able to fade into a completely transparent the gauge window. I can’t achieve that perfect fade transition!

    tl-dr: Your Sairen makes me question my sexual preferences.

    1. For your question, I’m afraid I’d have to make some sort of vid or some tutorial because it’s very hard to explain! Although the GUI is mostly made by rhyme, I have an idea on how she did it. I’ll get onto it when I have the time after my obligations are ready.

      As for Sairen, I am glad~

  3. Hiii, I played recently princess princess and I liked it very much. The art and graphics are excellent! I would like you tu upload a tutorial about how do you do those light effects, Im doing a game and it would ve great to know how to use those effects. Well, that’s all, thanks in advantage!

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