RPG Maker VX/A

Welcome to the main directory for my RPG Maker VX/A resources!
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The Magic Circles found in the Battle Cut-ins are from Obsidian-Dawn. You need to buy a commercial license from them if you want to use the Battle-Cutins with the magic circle for commercial work.

cont Table of Contents
  • VX/A Character List
    • Materials related to the default RTP characters.
  • VX/A Redesigned
    • Materials related to default RTP Characters being redesigned with new armor, etc.
  • VX/A Iconset
    • Materials related to icons based on RPG Maker design.
  • VX/A Tiles
    • Materials related to tile edits/custom work for RPG Maker VX/A.
  • RGSS3
    • Scripts that can be used in VXA.