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From time to time, I would request or commission scripts from other scripters and they are usually made for the public. Here’s a list of those scripts and hopefully they’d be useful to you too!

I will be sorting them out based on the scripter name. They all have their own terms and use. But if it’s a commissioned script, you can use them commercially! Just please notify us if there are bugs or give us a like or thank you. That would be so worth it~

Oh and please don’t distribute elsewhere! The only ones who can do so are the scripters themselves. Thank you!

NEW! = Updated!
Thank you Zioru-san for the icons!

> Archeia 

> Yami 

  • Luna Engine RMW
    An engine that allows you to customize the Battle and Menu GUIs. Currently a work in progress.
  • Fancy DeathRMW
    This script allows you to use battle animations for enemy death.
  • NPC PatrolRMW
    This is a script that returns an old, but useful, function of RPG Maker 2003.
    You can set events to keep moving to an area back and forth until they hit a a block.
    Very useful for Soldier NPCs that loves patrolling.
  • Icon BorderRMW
    This snippet will automatically draw an icon beneath all the icons for your game.
    Very useful if you want an icon to stand out.
  • Mana Shield RMW
    This will make a manashield state which allow actor takes damage to MP instead of HP.
  • Manual StatsRMW
    This script allows you to control Actor stats when they level up much more than the default database settings.  This script can also control EXP per level.
  • OverkillRMW
    This script will call a common event each time player kills an enemy and check if it’s over-killed or not.

> Neonblack 

  • Kill Autoshadows –
    This simply removes autoshadows.
  • Better Autoshadow Removal RMW
    This removes all autoshadows and is reflected on the editor.
  • Map Battle Background 
    Uses a screenshot of the map instead of battlebacks for battles.
  • Enemy Scan 
    This script allows the player to view detailed info about an enemy’s HP, MP, TP, conditions, and affinities by pressing the Shift button (or :A other input).
  • VXAce Star Passability Fix – RMW
    This simply checks if the tile is a star before checking passability.
    If the tile is a star and it is passable, it then checks the tile UNDER it.
    If not, it returns false as always. This prevents everything that is a star tile from being passable.
  • Event Jitter FixRMW
    Recently it was brought to my attention that when scrolling the map with a lot of events on screen, the events would “jump” by a single pixel and would be improperly positioned.



  • Quick TravelRMRK
    Like in Persona 3 Portable or Persona 4. Press a key and you will be able to teleport into houses around that map only. Useful for big maps.
  • Stat Distribution – RMRK
    This allows you to manually set stats to your characters upon level up or point gain!
  • Custom Action AI – RMRK
    A simple way to control the way enemies select their skills.


  • Correct Sprite Display – RMW
    This script corrects how sprites will be displayed, to prevent errors happening when the sprite is higher than 32px and the tile above it is set to star passability.

5 thoughts on “RGSS3 Scripts

  1. Since I can’t leave a reply in the forum post regarding the bug in the mana shield script, and don’t really know where to go, I’ll just leave it here..
    On RMW forum, it is pointed out that when a character with mana shield state receive a healing skill that is based on damage formula, it will also recover that character’s mana. I don’t know if it’s a deliberately included feature or not. But at least here is a simple solution to fix it.
    It can be fixed easily. Simply modify this code:
    @hp_damage -= (shield * dpm.to_f).to_i
    @mp_damage += shield.to_i
    to become like this:
    if @hp_damage > 0
    @hp_damage -= (shield * dpm.to_f).to_i
    @mp_damage += shield.to_i

    it will cause the healing based on damage formula to heal the HP properly and it will not recover MP too.

    Good luck and good job!

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