Black Clad Male

queenofthenight Archeia Notes:

This character is easily my favorite of all the Cover Art characters. And I would love to draw him multiple times if I could. His Belt-Shoulder combo is surprisingly hard to draw! I have a private version of him for my game, Porcupine Princess. I got multiple requests for him and I didn’t really provide.

It wasn’t until I saw a user using my terrible draft for the character from 2013. I felt bad since it’s very low res and bad. So decided to remake it. The problem was, I accidentally drew him too young since. So I had to completely redraw him to feel more adult.

 RPG Maker – Based Asset! 

These are characters based on the RPG Maker VX cover art heroes. Since the designs are from KADOKAWA, they can only be used for RPG Maker Engines with attribution to KADOKAWA. Read Terms of Use if you want to use these materials.

pencil Changelog // Issues

cont September 11, 2017 – Updated with MV and VXAce facesets.
cont September 20, 2016 – Updated with an adult version.
cont May 09, 2013 – VX Cover Art Hero (Black Clad Male) has been uploaded!

bookpreview  Gallery Preview

cont 10 Expressions for each iteration.
cont Includes Bust Version, VXA and MV Facesets.
cont Includes the VX Sprite from the old Tkool (ENTERBRAIN/KADOKAWA) blog.

pencil Download Links

cont Main Download
(Read the Terms of Use before downloading please!)

pencil Supplementary Materials

This section is for other creators who also created assets for this character.

cont Momope made an FSM version of him. Slimmmeiske also translated their terms of use.

18 thoughts on “Black Clad Male

  1. Great work!!!! Just the character is missing and a you have a full portrait emotions player :D

    PS: You are awesome!!!

      1. Thank you very much, you helped me a lot :D I not heard about enterbrain site have characters to download, thank you very much, your designs are excellents, i don’t have words to thank you :D

      2. Someone could pass the link to download the sprite of this character?
        (sorry for my bad English)

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