Actor 1-2: Trefle Released!

queenofthenight It’s finally here! I hope you all would enjoy!

pencil LATEST RELEASE (Preview)

cont Download Link: Visit her page here!

  • I updated the links and pages found in the top bar. Most notably the RPG Maker VXA Section.
  • Updated download link for Black Clad Male to go to Google Drive instead.
  • Update all asset zip files and upload in Master Google Drive.
  • Fix all page URLs.
  • Rearrange all pages properly.

General Updates

I added a new script in the scripts section called Icon and Face Utility. I merely translated it. The script originally came from Half a Life. The site’s terms allow distribution as long as the script’s copyrights are retained. Now I can make facesets for all my materials easily haha.

I also got interviewed by thatbennyguy. If you are interested, you can read it over here: RMW, RMN.

Now for Luna Engine Updates!

——– Battle Luna Updates ——–

v8 (2013.06.21 – 18.07):
— Separated YEA Fixes and Compatibility to an add-on.
v7 (2013.06.21 – 16.48):
— Fixed disposed bitmap.
v6 (2013.06.20 – 22:04):
— Fixed animation z (now display above HUD instead).

Here’s a video from one of our testers, MonDez, using Version 4:

New Update!

You can find more over here!

Oh and I guess I should bring this up, I’m contemplating on making facesets for them but I found making facesets version albeit tedious especially the amount I have done and sometimes I do doubles by accident? If that happens will you guys report that to me or are you fine with just me leaving that alone? :o

Break Time

Powering up. I need more Magus Elixirs.
Converting the RTP VX resources are taking a while and I’m exhausted.

But have you guys heard of RPGMakerWeb yet?
I’m slightly active on the ReStaff and there are talented people there like Scinaya, Jalen, Emmych, Penta, Fomar, Shiro, Thalzon and Timmah.
Wait for the end of May! We worked really hard on it too~!
Free resources gogogo!

I’m also working hard on custom battlers, Gambarre Nessy *shakes her fist*

RPGMakerWeb is also giving off a lot of customized resources for Member+ people. So just in case my slowness is super glaring, there’s that ;w;