Actor 1-2: Trefle Released!

queenofthenight It’s finally here! I hope you all would enjoy!

pencil LATEST RELEASE (Preview)

cont Download Link: Visit her page here!

  • I updated the links and pages found in the top bar. Most notably the RPG Maker VXA Section.
  • Updated download link for Black Clad Male to go to Google Drive instead.
  • Update all asset zip files and upload in Master Google Drive.
  • Fix all page URLs.
  • Rearrange all pages properly.

Stairs and Script

I made this tile for my friend, Xenoraze. He was looking for stairs so I was like, oh OK. Ranted a bit how I would do it if I didn’t hate making RTP tiles…I did it anyway. I like to thank muh waifu, Celebuns, for helping me make an acceptable perspective for the down stairs. Hope it helps you guys ‘w’)b


Example map by Dalph

I also added a new script in the Material -> Scripts area which is basically Neonblack’s Better Autoshadow Removal tool. To use it, follow these steps:

  • Put this script above main, below materials.
  • Run your game. Close it.
  • Close the Editor itself.
  • Reopen, bam all autoshadows are gone.

Something I’ve been working on…

I was going to post just JPGs but a few friends convinced me to post it with watermarks. Derp.
I’ve been making a custom tall template and remaking RTP in it. It includes both RMXP and VX/Ace characters and formatted too so it can have generator poses, even for the poses. These are not edits and recreated from scratch. While it has 7 unique frames, it can be cut down to 3 frames to fit the normal RTP. Fomar0153 has been kind enough to make a script for it just in case I’ll ever release it, just because he can.

I guess the biggest question mostly is that, if I were to sell it, would you buy it and how much are you willing to pay for it?

Taller RTP OMG

Aluxes Part 1

Here’s just some of the ways to make your own RTP portrait. This is part 1 and I haven’t finished coloring yet since it was like 2 am =w=)~
If anyone has further questions, tell me!

Livestream session.
Overall Time: 2 hrs and 11 minutes
Paint Tool SAI.
If you want the Photoshop equivalent of the tools used:
Hard Brush, Soft Brush, Hard Round Brush for Eraser

Denny Schneidemesser
Butterfly Tea
SoundTEMP (Ragnarok Online)

An Aesir and a Vanir

Before I begin since my net is decent now~ Yanfly has Enemy Scan back! Which is always my favorite HNNGHHHHHH script from all of his versions! So check it out! Yami is also making a gag game apparently, I’m pink haired Natalie. I better have Hamedo (e v e

So like, what are the updates? Here are the updates:


The only thing I wasn’t able to include is this:

Ernest/Sairen Battle Cut-In Feedback

Okay, before I go on~ Yanfly made an autobattle script. At least it will allow us to be lazy and it has Persona-style rush mode too~ While Atoa has graciously made Multiple Event Frames for VXAce! I was waiting for Modern Algebra’s version but this one is really nice too~ Rhyme has also created a script that allows enemies to animate! That is really nice! Evil Eagles also posted more battlebacks.

And now for the update for today! In Princess Princess, Ernest is renamed as Sairen and is an androgynous person that might have been the result of an alchemic mishap (I saw this in one of the comments and I decided to run away with it 8’D). Because of this, it doesn’t fit the inital Ernest RTP Faceset. But how about it? Do you guys like this design more or should I make another version with a manlier Ernest?

Honestly I think Ernest’s baby face doesn’t help much at all @v@

So like, are you a boy or a girl?