Site Update + WIP

queenofthenight It’s becoming almost a habit that I only update this website once or twice every year. Whoops. Hopefully once things settle down on work life I can do more resources.

I’m in the process of still updating all download links. Sorry. This site is just too big.



  • Store page is updated with my newest resource pack and alternate links. Please take a gander. It’s engine free and not limited to just RPG Maker. It’s also a 48 x 48 resource if that’s your liking! There’s also a free version of the resource pack that you can use for non-commercial projects!
  • The Terms of Use page has been updated. After some requests/feedback from readers, I adjusted it and made it more straightforward.
  • I updated RMVXA Workaround page. It fixes syntax and some wording issues.

I finally finished redrawing and recoloring Actor 1-2 (Codename Trefle). All that’s left is her expressions. I also have a draft of her cut-in.

And that’s it. Enjoy your day.

ReStaff November!

So busy and broken tablet is not fun. However! I managed to finish at least some ReStaff things. Thankfully I’m used to the touchpad due to my habit of drawing with it during programming classes lol. Everyone should check out the November release! It has some awesome scripts and resources in it! I also made a sprite, you can see it below~


I know I said I won’t sprite VX(Ace) style ever again, but ReStaff called for it. Those poor awesome battlers without any sprites… ;_;)



Ernest/Sairen Battle Cut-In Feedback

Okay, before I go on~ Yanfly made an autobattle script. At least it will allow us to be lazy and it has Persona-style rush mode too~ While Atoa has graciously made Multiple Event Frames for VXAce! I was waiting for Modern Algebra’s version but this one is really nice too~ Rhyme has also created a script that allows enemies to animate! That is really nice! Evil Eagles also posted more battlebacks.

And now for the update for today! In Princess Princess, Ernest is renamed as Sairen and is an androgynous person that might have been the result of an alchemic mishap (I saw this in one of the comments and I decided to run away with it 8’D). Because of this, it doesn’t fit the inital Ernest RTP Faceset. But how about it? Do you guys like this design more or should I make another version with a manlier Ernest?

Honestly I think Ernest’s baby face doesn’t help much at all @v@

So like, are you a boy or a girl?