Actor 1-1: Ralph Released

queenofthenight finished Actor 1-1: Ralph’s emotions and formatted it. Enjoy!

pencil LATEST RELEASE (Preview)

cont Download Link: Visit the page here!

  • Updated Actor 1-1’s page.
  • RTP Redesigned page is fixed.
    • Ralph’s page is separated into two versions. Redesign A has all the cut-ins and extras. Redesign B is one of my old changes.
    • Ulrika’s page is also updated.

Actor 1-1: Ralph WIP

queenofthenight I held off for the longest time on properly recreating Ralph, but it’s becoming increasingly harder to make things for him to look nice. So here’s a complete redraw + recolor to fit the RMVXA style.


I made his cloak (?) thing a mono color instead of what it was before. It was bothering me a lot when I first saw the design. Let me know your thoughts if you have any!

The reason I’m doing is this that I want to properly provide resources instead of just edits with my original design. Ralph having a scarf or cape was me trying to make sense what it is he’s wearing. What if someone wants the original design more? So here’s that option.

The unfortunate thing is that the original bust will not receive edits from me but a lot of artists already made edits for that version of him, just dig around~

Also here’s an original design battler WIP I’ve been working on I guess. Not sure if I’ll ever finish.


  • Emotions for Ralph in RMVXA style.
  • Create MV and VXA faces.
  • Add an option where his cloak thing can be either green or red.
  • A new cut in that follows his original design closely and using a proper sword than the dark sword thing I gave him. It was kinda dumb.


RTP Redesigned!

Ahhh I was waiting for my contribution to go out in the 12 Hours of Christmas in RMW (check it out yo! Free RM resources!). I didn’t expect my contribution would be on the 12th hour but I digress! Here are the free resources! I made some full sketch bodies but I think I’ll transform them to chibis later. Just remember the following to credits!

Artwork and DS Credits: Archeia
RTP Sprite Version Credit: Avery

Doppelganger Game


She was just like me, in many ways:
She looked like me, she sounds like me, acts like me.
We like the same things, hate the same things.
Same family issues, same memories, same feelings.

Same name.

Last minute NaGaDeMo submission by Rhyme and Archeia_Nessiah
Made in 4 days-ish (or less)



I’m alive!

Ralph stop that, it's making me nosebleed!

I just finished databasing for Princess Princess! But the thing is it needs more fixing and I need to work with the maps. School is also starting tomorrow. Material updates are going to be slow because of this, I’m sorry :(

But let’s look over other people’s works~ Yanfly created Lunatic States: Protection. I really don’t know how to use Lunatic mode properly, I need to level up! And Yami created an Anti-Lag Script! Modern Algebra gives us a script that fixes pictures to the map. Useful for parallax mapping and he also has Animated Parallax too~! There’s also Cozziekun’s Pathfinding Script. Which is one of my favorite scripts out there since XP. And finally, Khas is back with PIXEL MOVEMENT script. I’m glad he ported it~ I was almost weeping when I thought VXA will take another 1232132131 years to have another pixel movement script. The caterpillar is kinda wonky tho (thanks to emmych for reporting that!) so stay tuned for the final version!

Finally, Evil Eagles released more XP Battlebacks. Enjoy~

I will be dumping loads of materials though once I finished some sets! Please be patient~ I’m dropping in a few Ralph teasers of his new look and an Alice~

Yes Ralph I'm sure of it.
Don't highlight her!

That said, I’m leaving some screens :D


For the news~

Holder created an animated battler based on my version of Elicia! It is really nice to look at~ Go check it out :D

The next news~ Yami creates a script that allows inverted targetingRamiro creates an Input script for those who want to use Gamepads, mouse to full keyboard! It will help those who are into custom CMS/CBS/whatever :D

Yanfly creates Ace Item Menu~ I like how it has image support! I will use it when we’re done with PP~!

And now, for our Guest of Honor, the VX Hero himself, Ralph the Cannibal! I did the liberty of making his armor different to match his battler. So expect that the bust shot will be modified as well~

Real Men like Pink!